Case Study: Ánesi Gardens Brochure Design

Client Description: Ánesi Gardens, established in 1999 by Tony Kyryoko and now owned by Rick Garpo, is a thriving garden center in Regina, Saskatchewan. Rick Garpo aims to rejuvenate the greenhouse into Regina's premier garden center destination.

Target Market:Ánesi Gardens caters to gardening enthusiasts and homeowners/home improvement enthusiasts in Regina, aged 25 to 65, who value quality plants and landscaping services.

Brochure Design Concept:For the Ánesi Gardens brochure, I opted for dark, earthy colors to convey elegance, connection to nature, and stability.

Rationale for Dark Earthy Colors:

  • Elegance and Sophistication: Deep greens, browns, and burgundies elevate the brand's image, while bright pinks and greens add vibrancy and visual interest.
  • Connection to Nature: Earthy colors reinforce Ánesi Gardens' commitment to organic products and services.
  • Differentiation: Dark hues set the brochure apart from competitors' materials, making a memorable impression.
  • Seasonal Adaptability: Versatile colors ensure relevance year-round, from spring blooms to winter offerings.

Result: The Ánesi Gardens brochure design successfully conveyed elegance, connection to nature, and stability. Its dark, earthy colors appealed to the target market of gardening enthusiasts and homeowners in Regina, establishing the garden center as a premier destination. The design's distinctiveness and seasonal adaptability ensured lasting impact, making it a valuable marketing asset for Ánesi Gardens' rejuvenation efforts.

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