Dwell Backyard Homes - Booklet Design

Case Study: Dwell Backyard Homes Booklet Design


Dwell Backyard Homes addresses the pressing need for affordable housing with stylish, functional tiny homes designed for easy installation on existing properties. The challenge was to create a booklet that highlights these features while adhering to brand guidelines and utilizing minimalist designs within specific constraints.

Design Objective:The goal was to showcase Dwell's coastal-inspired homes with clean layouts and minimalist designs, emphasizing functionality and ease of installation. It was crucial to maintain brand consistency while maximizing the impact of available images and sizes.

Key Features

  • Minimalist Design: Clean layouts and minimalist designs were employed to convey the elegance and functionality of Dwell Backyard Homes effectively.
  • Functionality Focus: The booklet emphasized the practical aspects of Dwell units, highlighting their off-site construction and quick installation process.
  • Brand Consistency: Adherence to brand guidelines ensured visual harmony and reinforced the Dwell brand identity.
  • Limited Constraints: Working within constraints, the design optimized available resources to create visually appealing and informative content.
  • Informative Content: Comprehensive information about Dwell units, customization options, and installation procedures was presented concisely to inform potential customers.


Through minimalist designs and clean layouts, the Dwell Backyard Homes booklet successfully conveyed the coastal-inspired aesthetic and functional benefits of these innovative housing solutions. By adhering to brand guidelines and maximizing available resources, the booklet emerged as a powerful tool for promoting Dwell's affordable and stylish tiny homes.

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